On 1st Aug,it is 11th anniversary celebration of Quanzhou Apex Hygiene Products Co.Ltd.. The company organizes all the crews to join a banquet and after dinner, celebrate in KTV drinking beer and singing songs. This is to let all the crews close and enhance the cohesive power of company colleagues.

By the same time, it is 5th anniversary of Cora who works in Quanzhou Apex for five years. Our leaders prepare a big surprise for her with beautiful bouquet and valuable gold necklace.Thanks to her efforts,our company develops better and better.

Banquet time is not only team time,but also family time for all colleagues.

During the banquet,leader Mr.Chen ask us to toast his mother and we can get red pocket for luck!! Everyone is crazy to propose a toast after his saying.

Singing and drinking in KTV is to release the pressure suffered from work and get close with boss and colleagues.
After singing and eating,we cut the cake and everybody make a wish to get rich in the future.

Last but not the least,thanks to the leadership of Mr.Chen and Mrs.Wu,we,Quanzhou Apex Hygiene Products Co.Ltd.crews,are gathering together and devote ourselves to create a better future.

And this year is very important for our company. As we all know, we all suffer from Covid-19 impact. Most companies have to cut down the number of people employee. But we recruit more employees to achieve a big developing goal. As Apex family become bigger, we can reach more customer than before and help more partners to accomplish their commercial ambitions.

We start to try live show and optimize our product listing on website to get more exposure. Once our potential buyer can see us, then we can start a new business and a new journey in commercial world and help each other to get a win-win result!

Cheer up Quanzhou Apex! For future!!



Post time: Sep-07-2020